Global Well Servicing LTD.
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Supplying Rigs and Personnel for Oil and Gas Well Servicing

Above all, we emphasize a commitment to a safe work environment. We know the value of all our personnel, but we also know that small companies can’t afford the downtime that can result from an incident. A safe environment keeps the operation running smooth and efficiently.

Our equipment has been designed to be some of the most user-friendly and efficient in the industry. Our goal is to make it a pleasure to work on and with, allowing us to attract and retain personnel with the highest morale and best attitudes possible which ensures that we can provide our clients with the best possible performance from a crew and equipment.

All of our equipment is new or re-manufactured to new quality.

Servicing Equipment available:

  • 5 mobile single available in class II and Class III with hook loads up 140,000 lbs
  • 9 Free Standing Double Class III with depth up to 4000 meters
  • 1 Heavy Skid Guided Double Class III with depth up to 5000 meters
  • 12 Skid boilers up to 120 horsepower
  • 4 Mobile boilers up to 60 horesepower
  •  Large volume pumps, power swivels, accumulators and annulars
  • Light towers, pipe racks and mobile catwalks
  • ESP Spooler
  • Complete 114mm and larger handling packages
  • Trucking, low boys, hi boys and bed truck