Global Well Servicing LTD.
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Health and Safety Comes First

Global Well Servicing Ltd. Is a COR company. We have a positive Safety culture that is driven by a strong and visible commitment by senior management. We take great pride in our Safe workforce as well as our Safe equipment. Here are some highlights of our Safety values and programs.

  • Our vision is built around our most valuable asset: our workers.
  • We are implementing a progressive Behaviour Based Safety initiative.
  • Protecting our workers, the public, the environment, and our assets is paramount.
  • We strive for continuous improvement.
  • Strong relationships with the communities in which we work is important to us.
  • We will not be satisfied until we have an injury rate of zero.
  • The management team provides us with all of the necessary tools to work Safely and efficiently.
  • Global Well Servicing Ltd. is registered and compliant with industry registries..
  • We hold our drug and alcohol policy and testing to highest standards in the industry.

Our overall goal is to be a worldwide leader in Safety and we would like to bring consistency to oil companies with regards to safety. This is so they know that no matter which rig they use, the Safety quality will remain consistent. We know we are on our way because we are "Safety by Choice, not by Accident".