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Health and Safety Policy

Global Well Servicing regards the promotion of Health and Safety practices to be in the company's, employee's, and sub-contractor's best interest and is considered an integral part of the job.

At Global Well Servicing, we are committed to protecting our employees, our customers, the public, our physical assets, and the environment from accidental loss.

We recognize our responsibility for worker safety and operate under the Petroleum Industry Guiding Principles for Worker Safety.

With the Global Well Servicing Ltd. Environmental Protection and Employee Health and Safety programs, our management team, through active leadership, will provide to the best of our ability, a safe and healthy work environment.

Employees are responsible and accountable to follow established company and regulatory safe work policies and procedures in the daily operation and maintenance of equipment. We promote and recognize that it is through active participation of our employees that the Safety Program is maintained and improved.

We trust all employees will join us in a commitment to creating a safe and healthy work environment.