Global Well Servicing LTD.
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Company Values


Since its inception in 2006, Global Well Servicing has prided itself in being family owned and operated. We place the greatest of importance on our family values and dedication to establishing and maintaining strong family bonds within the company.


In order to accomplish the goals that we have set out for ourselves, we fully commit to doing all that it takes to be the best in all aspects of well servicing. This commitment extends to all facets of the company and the employees in terms of trust, respect, reliability, and growth.


A large part of the company's ability to excel depends on structure and teamwork. This starts at the top with our management team and with our continued commitment to finding and training our front line managers.


To be efficient, consistent, and dependable in the work that we provide, Global Well Servicing ensures that an exemplary sense of pride is instilled into every aspect of business. From the Inexperienced Floorhand ensuring the cleanliness and organization of his rig to the office staff ensuring that intercompany relationships are strong, we all show Global Pride.


The Global Well Servicing vision is nothing short of overall excellence. To achieve this, everyone involved practices an open-minded mentality which allows us to stay credible and the value we place in excellence allows the company to remain adaptable in every situation that we are faced with. We dedicate extra effort and attention to excellence in safety because we know that excellence in safety equals excellence in business.