Global Well Servicing LTD.
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About Global Well Servicing Ltd.

Global Well Servicing Ltd. management prides itself on the service it is able to provide. We are able to operate at 100% utilization and still provide high quality workers. We have achieved this by having a strong family orientated work force; our people are professional and take pride in their equipment and work.

We have a variety of service rigs from shallow well rod rigs from 500m to as deep as 5500m. We have a variety of single and double rigs with the capability to service & complete wells throughout Alberta. In Oilfield Equipment you will find the specifications on each of our service rigs.

Our Goals

We believe there is a strong market for a first class, highly safe and efficient operation. Canada's oil and gas industry is gaining attention worldwide at a time when small and medium contractors are disappearing to giant corporation's buy outs, mergers and takeovers.

There was a time and day that these private rigs worked steady and at a profit. It is our experience that there is a special way of business with the small contractor. They know their personnel and clients on a first-name basis. This makes for a reputable, trusted operation and receives a special long-term bond in the workplace.

Our growth focus is in strategic work areas, the SAGD areas, production areas, and special project areas of the province along with having rigs available in Grande Prairie , Zama City and North Eastern Alberta.